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1. ISO Card Size:
The size of ISO Standard Credit Card is 85.5x54x0.76mm, Round Corner is 12 degree. The original design with the bleed must be no less than 88.5x57mm.

2. Card Material
The main material is PVC. At present, the material comes from YOUPU or SHANYOU. This two material is moderate hardness, acid and alkali, not easily deformed under High-temp 80, not easily broken under Low-temp -30, and it can be repeatedly folded a thousand time without breaking at room temperature. The both sides of card is laminated with two PE films; which is abrasion resistance, acid and alkali, and it can keep the colorful and beautify for long time.

3. Card Process Flow
The main process flow is: Proof Flim Platemaking Printing Dry Varninshing magnetic stripe Lamination Cut Semi-finished product Inspection Personal disposal Product First Inspection QC Packaging.

4. Printing Technologies
Offset Printing
Silk-screen Printing
Digital Printing
Loco Magnetic Stripe (Black)
Hico Magnetic Stripe (Black / Gold / Silver)
Hot Stamping (Silver / Gold)
Metallic Backgroud (Silver / Gold)
Laser Backgroud (Silver / Gold)
Signature Panel (White / Transparent)
Number Printing (Thermal printing / DOD UV printing / Inkjet printing / Laser)
Barcode Printing (DOD UV printing / Thermal printing / Inkjet printing)
Embossed Number or Letter (Black / Silver / Gold)
Hologram Logo
Hole Punching
Adhesive Sticker
Scratch Off
UV Embossing Effect
Epoxy Effect
Surface Effect (Grossy / Matte / Frosted / Transparent / Translucent)
Chip (Contact / Contactless)

5. Printing Quality
The offset printing machine is Heidelberg autimatic quarto printing press. The Silk-printing is Nissan automatic cylinder screen printing machine. Before production, we will make some samples to confirm the correct colour and design. Printing ink uses the best ink - Apollo ink, which is prolonged colorful and not easily fade. The effect of printing is perfect, more than 95% similarity with design(sample).

6. Quality Control
Production is under fully enclosed dust-free workshop, all workers must wear the special uniform before enter the workshop. So it can effectively prevent dirty or scratch happened on the surface of card. There are three inspections process to make sure the qualified cards for our clients.

7. Client confidentiality
All cards (Products & Spoliages) will be crushed and destroyed after delivery when we don't get the permission from clients.

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